The origins of the Unysyn species is shrouded in secrecy. While it is well known that the Auroran Republic witnessed and recorded the Unysyn origin millennia ago, a strict pact between the two species keeps the information severely guarded.

The Unysyn Directive refers both to a set of laws governing the Unysyn as well as the government. Each Unysyn takes part in governing, and the government rotates members using a complex lottery algorithm to ensure equal representation. As a species, the Unysyn are highly intelligent and unmatched in their coordinated efforts. Many believe the Unysyn are able to communicate near instantaneously over millions of light-years, allowing the Unysyn Directive to perpetually assess its galactic initiatives. While the species does operate collectively, individual Unysyn still display distinct personalities and are capable of dissenting actions against the Unysyn Directive. Overall, the species seems driven by a utilitarian pursuit of mass prosperity for all organic life throughout the universe.



Unysyn who regularly interact with the other species assemble themselves as anthropoid constructs to encourage familiarity with the other species. However, Unysyn are commonly seen in nearly any combination of shapes and sizes. The Unysyn’s combination of Source Gems along with organic and composite materials allow them to experience the full spectrum of physical, mental, emotional and existential awareness that was thought reserved for only organic species.

  • Average height: 3-6 feet

  • Sturdy chromasteel plating, fiber alloy wiring, and magnetic core and joints

  • Vast communications relay with companion bots

  • Average life expectancy: Unknown

    • None of the species know how long a Unysyn lives. Any records the Auroran Republic has on the matter are unpublished. While a Unysyn body may be destroyed or degrade with time, the consciousness is often transferred to a new body.



The Unyx language is a non-spoken language that is sent as transmissions between Unysyn and is composed mostly of mathematical values and relationships. While the language can be intercepted and translated, learning to understand the language is more akin to studying engineering and programming than to typical language composition.



The Unysyn are the only race to have gone to war with the Achroite. The Unysyn have a long memory of the strength of Achroite warriors and greatly respect their abilities.

Upon discovering that Aurorans were intelligent, a series of private talks were held between these two species. Since that time, relations have been cordial but cold.

Regund corporations have begun working closely with the Unysyn. These two species may differ on their methods of progress, but both are continually searching for improvement and innovation.

Unysyn attempt to guide the Seti toward peaceful resolutions. They grow weary of the constant infighting among Seti.

Losses in the Second Empires War against the Taes Empire are still sore wounds in the memories of the Unysyn. Both of these civilizations view themselves as the dominant force in the galaxy. Consequently, the Unysyn do not generally like the Taes.

Unysyn are capable of communication beyond the ability of the other races to observe. As such, it is not known if the Unysyn ever disagree on serious matters. Unysyn do possess distinct personalities that have an impact on regular activities.



Unysyn are versatile combatants who use separate companions linked with a singular consciousness to adjust tactics quickly and effectively. With chromatically empowered upgrades, Unysyn channel the Source Colors to enhance their output and overcome obstacles through numbers and coordination, instead of raw power.

While Unysyn can activate any ability in any color realm, every ability possesses a secondary effect that triggers when that ability is activated in its associated color realm.