Hunter Mitchell, Writer & Producer

Hunter's brain solves problems by writing. It gets messy, but Hunter stays busy writing through revisions, challenges and solutions. A week later and on the third version of the document, Hunter figures out the narrative and how the player's will engage.

Sometimes confusing, Hunter also goes by "Joshua Mitchell." Hunter goes by his middle name and learned quickly to write his legal first and last name on everything official. If you also go by a middle name or nickname, then you know the struggle.

Favorite Spotify Playlist: Deep Focus
Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld

Dr. Jared Collins, Creative Director

Jared thinks and works in the future. As the creative director, he's always imagining where a story needs to end, how a species needs to evolve and which game mechanics will get the players to the goal.

Jared is also a doctor. Not the kind that guesses at why you have that rash but the Ph.D. kind that theorizes about math and how the universe works. So Jared is also thinking about future math theories. Wait, is Jared from the future?

Favorite Hobby (Other Than Gaming): Cycling
Favorite Fiction Author: Brandon Sanderson

Weston Notestine, Artist & Designer

Weston has an amazing last name (yes, that's "note-stine"). Also, Weston is the brilliant artist who brings Iris: Adventure Game to life. Weston weeds through all of the ideas and direction and turns the raw ideas into illustrated characters and lovely layouts.

And more than just Iris: Adventure Game, Weston works on a portfolio of personal projects, including his comic series Verdugo, which you can see more of at his website.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Coffee and Bourbon Chocolate
Favorite Movie: Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors