Welcome to IRIS…

…a universe where color abounds and adventure awaits! IRIS is a deckbuilding adventure game where players create their characters, set up a deck of cards based on their alien species, and use 6-sided and 12-sided dice for ability rolls.

IRIS is designed to easily introduce new players to tabletop roleplaying games by providing lower barriers to entry for both the players and the Gamemaster.

What makes IRIS different?

iris adventure playing area mockup

For board gamers who are interested in learning how to play tabletop roleplaying games, IRIS is a deckbuilding RPG that easily teaches tabletop roleplaying mechanics. IRIS does away with lengthy game manuals to provide an action-driven RPG that plays like a board game.

IRIS is a roleplaying card game. Whereas traditional RPGs focus on extensive rules for roleplaying, world-building, and narrative, IRIS is typically combat and puzzle-focused, with optional roleplaying for players who are interested, and a linear narrative that flows from one combat map to the next. This focus on combat and puzzles makes IRIS easy to introduce to friends and family who enjoy board games but might not be ready to dive fully into tabletop RPGs.

Grab some friends, and play. Stop worrying about several hundred pages to read, managing countless rules and buying expensive figurines (well okay, confession: we love the mini figs, too). IRIS is written to be easily accessible, with players using a deck of cards to play their characters while the Gamemaster uses premade (or even custom) creature stat blocks.

See it all. A fully integrated color mechanic allows player characters to manipulate the Source Colors and produce powerful combos. Players can coordinate their team's efforts to empower each player's abilities beyond their own potential. Be rewarded for smart gameplay, and feel the struggle of triumphing against overwhelming odds.