FALL 2017

With the launch of the Iris: Adventure Game website, we're now preparing for alpha testing, which should start in Fall 2017. Anyone who signs up for alpha testing will receive a free digital copy of the Beginner's Play Pack and will have the chance of being selected to receive a full prototype version of Iris: Adventure Game. Eager to help us refine game mechanics? Click the link below to sign up!



Once we've gathered alpha feedback, we'll continue polishing up the game mechanics, refining the rough spots and preparing the prototype designs for mass production. During beta testing, we'll begin selling digital versions of the rule book, and anyone who buys a beta copy will receive a copy of the digital retail version after the Kickstarter campaign concludes – whether we're funded or not!


FALL 2018

All of our (and your) hard work is helping us prepare Iris: Adventure Game for a successful Kickstarter campaign, which will allow us to fund mass production of the game. What can you do to help? First, sign up for alpha testing, and second, share your adventures with your friends, family and us. We'll host community spotlights on our dev diaries to showcase the wonderful stories you've created.