While Taes maintain respectful relationships with the other species, Taes seldom develop personal relationships outside of their own culture, and their societies remain mostly isolated. The Taes Empire once believed itself the longest lived civilization, and many Taes still consider their civilization the highest echelon of sentient intelligence.

The Taes Empire is ruled by an Empress and a strict aristocracy. Noble families vary in power and influence and handle most, if not all, of the local governing. Political marriages and trade deals are common as families try to increase their influence and holdings.




Taes are intelligent, judicious and long-lived. Taes commit themselves to rigorous study and physical discipline. Taes are able to manipulate Source Colors naturally, and even as toddlers, Taes are taught how to bend, shift and control Source Colors. For Taes, chromatics is a standard aspect of life, a tool to be used commonly.

  • Average height: 6 feet

  • Pale hard skin with slight blue, green, yellow or orange hues

  • Long, slender necks and appendages

  • Average life expectancy: 400 years

    • Taes are the slowest species to reach full maturity. Biologists and sociologists debate the emphasis of genetics versus the rigorous Taes society, but Taes don’t reach physical maturity until around 80-years old. However, all Taes within the empire spend their childhood and adolescence restricted to school, studying and mastering chromatics, until their rite of passage and graduation at age 100.



The Taesic language began as a picture language, with single words to express single thoughts but has evolved into an alphabetical and phonetic language. Modern Taesic is far more phonetic than its heritage and attempts to blend hard consonant prefixes with soft vowel suffixes to allow the language to flow from word to word. Because of the Taes Empire’s previous galactic conquest, Taesic is well understood throughout the galaxy.



The Taes nurture a symbiotic relationship with the Achroite, preserving a shared ecology for both species. However, Taes clearly view the Achroite as a less developed species, sometimes going as far as treating them as family pets.

Though intrigued by the revelation of Auroran sentience, the Taes Empire sponsors no official engagement with the Aurorans, aside from Taes presence at the Peace Initiative. These two civilizations tend to ignore one another. Individual relationships vary.

Taes and Regund diplomacy is polite but shallow. Taes believe the Regunds to be brash upstarts on the galactic scene.

The Taes imperial military still includes a covert special operations branch that employs Seti assassins, demonstrating some willingness to work with the Seti within the Taes Empire. More generally, the Taes are not fond of Seti warmongering, and relations are strained.

Taes rarely fight wars amongst themselves, and any dissention to the Taes Empire or Empress is met with extreme force or exile. The majority of Taes express happiness within the Taes Empire, but the aristocracy is known to be riddled with political espionage.

Many Taes blame the Unysyn for the near collapse of their empire. The Unysyn are also feared as the strongest threat to Taes supremacy in the galaxy. Individual opinions vary, but generally, Taes dislike the Unysyn.



Taes are disciplined controllers, surveying the battlefield, manipulating colors and distorting the very fabric of space-time. While other species excel in combat and military power, the Taes win battles through superior tactics and positioning.

Taes become adept in many disciplines, providing key shifts to control the battle.