Taes Starter Deck

Species: Taes
Level: 1

All Taes start with the same starter deck at level 1. The goal of this deck is to give Taes players a preview of a variety of Taes cards and possible playstyle directions. As Taes level up, they can hone their Draw Decks to be either more focused on allies or on enemies.

Every Taes card is labeled with a Deck Cost: 1, 2, 3, or 6. These costs are used when selecting cards to construct your Draw Deck.


Skim: Barrier
How many in the Draw Deck: 2

Skim: Range
How many in the Draw Deck: 2

Skim: Health
How many in the Draw Deck: 2

Skim: Move
How many in the Draw Deck: 2

The Skim cards are best when played early but only if you know that one of your allies and an enemy will be regularly increasing the associated stat. Skim cards let you provide recurring stat boosts to yourself or an ally.


How many in the Draw Deck: 2

Quicken is a deceptively powerful card, especially at just Deck Cost: 1. No other card or creature in the game can increase Color Shift, and a Quicken played on a Seti can allow them to consistently play more cards and even play their full hand in a single turn.


How many in the Draw Deck: 6

How many in the Draw Deck: 2

How many in the Draw Deck: 2

Fluctuate, Filter, and Prophesy are all about helping your allies plan ahead for stronger turns.

  • Fluctuate helps Achroite more quickly charge their cards in play.

  • Filter helps any player, but especially Seti, discard less-than-ideal cards to hopefully draw a stronger card for that turn.

  • Prophesy helps any player know what’s coming up next turn so that you know what to discard and what to keep.


How many in the Draw Deck: 6

Challenge is the anti-boss card, and every Challenge card played on the same character stacks the number of Actions that will be affected—up to a crushing 21 Actions if all 6 cards are played on the same character.


How many in the Draw Deck: 2

How many in the Draw Deck: 2

Brighten and Absolve are two sides of the same coin: Brighten provides Fortune, while Absolve removes Misfortune.

Have an Achroite player who’s about to fully charge a bunch of Red cards? Brighten the red Color Realm, and get ready for some big numbers on the Achroite’s turn.

Have an enemy who keeps forcing Misfortune on damage rolls against them? Play Absolve on your team’s primary damage dealer, and ignore that nonsense.


How many in the Draw Deck: 6

Some game ideas are just so good that they deserve to be attempted everywhere possible. Portal cards allow you to connect 2 tiles so that you can make travel easier, line of sight bonkers, and running back to the beginning of the level a breeze.