Seti are the most widespread of the known sentient species. An insectoid species, the Seti often develop a shared consciousness within their colonies. This shared awareness exists only among members of that colony while they remain within it. Immigrants and exiles who leave their colony lose the shared consciousness but can reacquire it by integrating back into a Seti colony, whether it is their former colony or a different one.

While the Seti have been conquered by the Taes Empire, many of their colonies still operate as independent states. Some of these Seti colonies have formed unofficial alliances amongst themselves, while most colonies war with each other for control of territory and resources.

Character illustration of Seti

Physical traits

Seti are quick, with strong legs and small wings structured to propel them through the air. Seti nervous systems quickly process stimuli, allowing them to deftly maneuver and adjust momentum, while Seti eyes are able to process all Source Colors simultaneously. Seti warriors are renowned for their speed and agility.

  • Average height: 4 feet

  • Thick exoskeleton of all variety of colors

  • Large eyes and small wings

  • Average life expectancy: 40 years

  • Seti live quick, short lives. They reach physical maturity around 2 years, with mastered control of their limbs and movement through physical and chromatic space. Seti are highly resilient to disease, although a few epidemics have been recorded throughout their history. The Seti species perseveres through their hardy nature and vast procreation.

Language: Set

Spoken natively by Seti, the Set language is a marvel to hear, with its quick clicks, smacks and shouts. The language sounds as tribal and visceral as the Seti people themselves generally behave. While the language is simple to study, many non-Seti struggle to reproduce the sounds and to keep up cognitively with the fast, fluid conversations that Seti have within their native tongue.

Seti relations

Seti mostly view Achroite as simply other creatures within a vast galaxy full of odd plants and animals. While generally indifferent to Achroite, Seti do tend to recognize them as siblings within the Taes Empire.

Seti war with themselves more than they war with the other species. These territorial disputes are some of the bloodiest conflicts in the galaxy.

Seti views on the Taes differ widely. Some Seti detest the Taes Empire, while others work closely with the Taes in both military and commercial ventures.