Regunds are cunning and curious, spreading their culture through commerce and exploration. Though they’re the youngest of the known sentient species, their technological innovation surpasses that of their peer species.

The Regund Federation is the centralized governing body for the Regunds. Unfortunately, it seems ill-equipped to handle the rate at which the Regunds have been colonizing. While the core worlds answer to the might of the Federation, newer colonies tend to be governed by a single corporation. In many cases, these corporations openly defy the Regund Federation.



Regunds are not naturally adept with Source Colors, and Regunds who attain chromatic proficiency are a coveted minority within their societies. A Regund’s study into chromatics centers around collecting precious Source Gems. These small, colored crystals can be ground into a powder and used to tattoo a Regund’s body. Regunds with distinct genetics are then able to channel power from the gem’s associated Source Color. Regund public figures, celebrities and athletes adorn their chromatic tattoos with piercings and embedded gems.

  • Average height: 5.5 feet

  • Tough, scaly skin typically shades of green to blue

  • Strong jaws, clawed hands and long tails

  • Average life expectancy: 85 years

    • Regunds reach physical maturity around age 10 and remain robust and productive for about 40 years before typically receding into quieter lives. Adult Regunds in their prime are some of the most strong, intelligent and cunning creatures within the known galaxy.



The Regund language is a harsh and aggressive language, with ample use of consonant sounds and strong hisses. Because of their expansive record keeping and commerce, Regunds rely heavily on an alphabetical written language that is adapted into many complex variations so as to integrate other languages and dialects. This lack of consistency makes Regund a challenging language to master.



The Regunds know very little of the Achroite. The Regunds are fiercely curious about Achroite physiology and any connection it may have to Source Gems. The Achroite consistently refuse Regund proposals for joint work and study. 

Auroran are common characters in modern Regund children’s literature. As such, Regunds tend to treat the Auroran with a sense of wonder. Relations between these two species have flourished recently.

Regunds feud between themselves, typically through competing commerce. These competitions sometimes escalate into battles. The Regund Federation is unable to resolve these disputes; therefore, corporations hire out mercenary teams to harass one another.

Regunds believe the Seti to be pests: primitive, inferior and barely sentient. These two species are constantly raiding one another’s territories, though never in any official capacity.

The Regund public adores the Taes for their natural chromatic prowess and intellect but scorns the Taes Empire for its isolated society. Regunds have a great desire for increased trade and tourism with the Taes Empire.

Impressed by Unysyn technology, Regund corporations have begun working closely with the Unysyn. These two species may differ on the methods of progress, but both are continually searching for improvement and innovation.



Regunds are a complex casting class, drawing the embers of Source Color into them and expelling it in focused bursts. They are a jack of all trades. What power Regunds may lack in pure output, they make up for with immediate access to an array of tools.

A Regund who specializes in one Source Color has access to many abilities but is restricted to the color realms in which to activate those abilities. A Regund who acquires a variety of, or even one of each, Source Color has fewer abilities but can activate abilities in more color realms.