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Bad Luck

Nothing’s quite so frustrating in a tabletop roleplaying game as waiting 5-10 minutes for your turn to finally come around, rushing into battle, rolling your dice… and failing to do anything.

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Dev Diary: Progress Report

Most of our recent development diaries have been content-oriented, so we thought it might be time for an update on our progress. Unless we come up with another creation myth for one of our species or some other great post, next week Hunter and I plan to begin our series of discussions on the history of the galaxy. We'll talk about how each of the six species met one another and give lots of insight into why they treat each other the way that they do.

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Dev Diary: Hex Kit

We're excited to announce a partnership with Hex Kit! Hex Kit is a map-building application, designed by Cecil Howe, Ross Squires and Pierre Laferriere, that allows you to easily create beautiful, hex-based maps using hand-illustrated artwork.

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Dev Diary: Falling Star

So what are we up to? Weston is taking our concept art and working on designs and layouts for the rulebook. Hunter is busy proofing the text for that rulebook and working on some production items, like ability cards, t-shirts and other pieces to prep for alpha testing.And what am I up to? I'm working on the next adventure. 

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Dev Diary: Launch

Iris: Adventure Game has been a long time coming. In just a few days, our website will go live and somebody is going to read this. That's exciting. In future development diaries, we’ll focus more on one specific aspect of the game: either our current work or some fun history. But this last week of preparation has been all over the place, and it is hard to write and not reflect that. So I want to talk a bit about what we are doing for final preparations.

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