Dev Diary #6 | Progress Report

Happy Thursday.

Welcome back to the Iris: Adventure Game development diaries.

Most of our recent development diaries have been content-oriented, so we thought it might be time for an update on our progress. Unless we come up with another creation myth for one of our species or some other great post, next week Hunter and I plan to begin our series of discussions on the history of the galaxy. We'll talk about how each of the six species met one another and give lots of insight into why they treat each other the way that they do.

First on the list, the rulebook is looking really good. Weston is almost finished with the first full draft of the book; in fact, by the time you read this, he may be finished, and it is incredible. For a long time now, we've been playing with a rulebook that looked like a legal brief, and now it actually looks like rules for a game. The next stop for the rulebook will be some careful editing to make sure all of the rules read the way that we want them to so that alpha testers will find it is an easy resource to navigate.

Next on the list, play-testing for the CRASH OF PACKET CRUISER K748N is going really well, and we've had a large number of you sign up. We hope you've gotten a chance to play and that you enjoyed it. Already some of the feedback we've gotten is helping us make changes. So if you have a comment you'd like to make about it, please let us know.

Third and perhaps largely unnoticed, we finalized our species icons. You can think of these as flags, insignias or a coat of arms for each species. If you take a close look at them, you'll see a glimpse of the personality of each species. We will have more to say about them in our history discussions.

Finally the big one, the writing of FALLING STAR, our alpha tester adventure, is progressing well. We might be just a little behind schedule, but it's because we keep getting ideas for other adventures. There are several cool things we want to do that just don't fit into the narrative of FALLING STAR (which keeps our idea notebook full). I don't want to give away any details of the adventure, but we have left several hints for you on our Instagram and Google+ pages, not to mention in our previous development diaries.

That's all for this week.