Rewriting History | Part 2

Hunter: Hey everyone, we are back for part 2 of our series on lore and history. If you’d like to catch up on part 1, head over to this link.

Today’s post starts in a weird place: the Aurorans witness the... [REDACTED]....

Jared: We should just skip over this part; some things are better left unsaid.

Hunter: The Unysyn Directive agrees that whatever transpired during these events is best kept private, but it is important to discuss the Aurorans’ perspective on the matter.

On the other side of the Auroran systems, away from the Seti colonies, several Auroran colonies encountered what the Republic calls the Second Contact. However, no other species know of nor have any record of what this Second Contact is.

Jared: The important part is that once again the Auroran pretend to be non-sentient and it works marvelously. So let’s jump to the conclusion of the matter: the Auroran know of and observe the Unysyn.


Hunter: Right, out of these events, the Aurorans record what they call the Second Contact and the Third Contact, which they titled as the “United Synchronization” -- or the Unysyn. And so, the Aurorans are aware of the Unysyn, a highly advanced robotic species that blends chromasteel alloy and organic components to manufacture artificial beings who still experience the full spectrum of biological and chromatic life.

The Unysyn are, by all definitions, a sentient species.

Jared: Unlike the Seti, the Unysyn have effectively stopped expanding at this point. So the Aurorans are unable to use the Unysyn for further colonization purposes. So we don’t see any superstition building due to this contact, and the Unysyn spend their time on internal matters.

Hunter: It’s this hugely significant event, and yet, nothing really happens. Both species continue on with their own matters.

That is, until the Taes Empire begins their galactic conquest.

Jared: A few centuries after the most peaceful contact between species, the bloodiest contact occurs between the Seti and Taes.

The Taes had been rapidly expanding due to a technology boom, and while exploring, they discovered evidence of another sentient race. Being masters of espionage, they were able to shadow Seti ships and discover the location of Sephungy, the Seti homeworld. Then without warning, the Taes Empire attacked.

Hunter: From the Taes perspective, every species is inferior. Pride and power drive Imperial pursuits, and as they encounter this insectoid species, they begin conquering and enslaving them. It’s a dark spot on Taes history and unfortunately not the darkest.

Our Auroran collaterals of course remain passive throughout all of this. The Recondite Policy time and again is questioned and upheld as more Auroran colonies encounter these other sentient species. The Aurorans are certainly patient and dedicated.

Jared: That’s not to say the Aurorans didn’t participate in the war. Numerous Seti lives were saved by Auroran intervention, but at no point did an Auroran reveal themselves as sentient. Had they fought openly, the war may have gone far differently.

Hunter: Definitely, this war showed the extremes of both the Seti and the Taes. On the ground and during planetary battles, the Seti numbers and aggression overwhelmed the Imperial forces, but within space, nothing could compete with the Empire’s naval fleets.

Jared: The preparation by the Taes before that first attack allowed them to cut supply lines and destroy many shipyards and critical outposts. The Seti colonies were isolated from one another. Without the concentrated support of all Seti, these colonies fell one by one.

If only the Taes had access to Seti history, they would know just how hard it is to enslave this people. In fact, this new threat to their survival is the greatest unifying influence of Seti history.

Hunter: Right, even outmatched and outsmarted, the Seti warbands draw out this war for a staggering 11 centuries. This war is absolutely brutal, spanning generations who live and die throughout it. So great is this war that later historians named it the First Empires War (an unfortunate omen for events to follow).

And this war and the enslavement of the Seti becomes this deep scar that the Seti carry with them for many centuries. After a millennia of fighting, an unconditional surrender and forced integration into Imperial society, the Seti become citizens within the Taes Empire. Many are recruited into military programs, many openly rebel against the Empire, and after several generations pass, some begin sympathizing with Imperial ideals.

Jared: An odd relationship develops where Taes and Seti begin colonizing planets together, though the Taes are clearly in charge of the new colonies. And wherever the ships go, the Aurorans are along for the ride -- giving the Aurorans access to a host of new systems.

Hunter: Until one such ship, an Imperial frigate, is commandeered by Seti rebels, shot down by the Empire and scuttled into an uncharted planet.

Jared: And what a planet to crash into.

Hunter: Certainly, something curious is to be discovered, and that’s exactly what we’ll pick up with next time.

Thanks so much for joining us, and go check out the Taes, Seti and Auroran pages for more information on those species.