Dev Diary #4 | Orbiting Paige-8

You first notice the unsettling green glow of the planet's surface -- unnatural and severe.

The planet Paige-8 was one of the many victims of the Great Collapse, an interstellar disaster throughout the Achroite systems brought on by the hubris and experimentation of the Taes Empire. The planets' chromatic layers were suffocated and decayed into a single realm, choking out the life of any organism not able or willing to immerse itself into the remaining chromatic focus.

As your ship approaches, you realize this is the closest you've ever been to a collapsed planet. The emanating color is alluring and sickening.

This particular system lies within a precarious portion of the galaxy. Officially, all collapsed planets are under the jurisdiction of the Empire, but this planet lies in a sector ruled by an independent Seti warlord.

If the planet were habitable, its location would breed conflict.

Your ship enters orbit, and a large space station looms from behind the planet's curvature. The word "EverGlo" is emblazoned across its hull.

You've been debriefed. You know the political implications of this station are staggering. Here, around a collapsed planet claimed by both the Empire and by a Seti warlord, orbits a Regund research station. What money or promises were exchanged to acquire this deal, to subside the machinations of conquest and bureaucracy?

EverGlo isn't the most well known, nor even the most successful, of the Regund corporations, but it has excelled where few others can even manage: it employs the largest number of Taes scientists of any non-Imperial agency. As such, EverGlo holds a coveted series of proprietary contracts with the Empire.

The station orbiting Paige-8 isn't their only research station. Scattered throughout the Empire, EverGlo has constructed three other orbital stations around three other collapsed planets.

Those stations pale in comparison to the massive station beyond your viewport. The lower spire dips into the atmosphere, allowing specially designed landing craft access to the planet's surface. A docking and storage bay houses samples gathered from the planet's surface -- work begun years before the station was completed.

With the station's living quarters now finished, representatives from across the galaxy will meet to celebrate and to negotiate.

Money is to be made. Responsibilities are to be sanctioned.

But why are you here?

Perhaps, you are an EverGlo employee, arriving with a job to do. Or, are you a member of the press, sent here to document this tremendous occasion of multi-special collaboration? Are you a bodyguard or attached in some other way to one of the diplomats who are arriving? Or are you an uninvited guest, stumbling on events far bigger than you are used to?

No matter what brought you here, you (and all others aboard the station) will soon find your plans disrupted. The fate of the Paige-8 station balances on the edge of a knife.

And as you play through the FALLING STAR adventure, you'll discover that not everything is as it seems.