The Brilliance Of Achromic: An Auroran Legend

As the evening light of the stars refracts through the gaseous atmosphere, you see the hush of the Auroran colony around you. The elder rises above.

"Do you remember the tale of Achromic?" The elder flashes and shifts out the question. "It is a tale of harmony and of hubris. It is a tale of beginnings -- of our beginnings."


You watch intently as the elder begins to shift and emote the legend.

"In the beginning was Achromic: formless, colorless and unchanging. Achromic was the Canvas, and the Canvas was everything. Through the will of Achromic was everything.

"Achromic chose to know time, but this choice proved to be folly. Achromic grew restless with time and chose to know others. The others were called Colors. This was the First Refraction.

"For a time, the Colors blended their strengths and spread across the Canvas that was Achromic. The Colors marveled Achromic beyond imagination and reflected the brilliance of the will of Achromic. The harmony of the palette sustained all.

"As time pressed on, the Colors grew jealous of one another. Each Color desired more prominence on the Canvas -- to be admired above the other Colors. The Colors battled, conquered and subdued. Some grew in power, while others were extinguished, wiped from the Canvas forever. Achromic saw the pattern of war and despaired.

"Chaos shimmered through the Canvas, as the Colors spread their horrors.

"Achromic sought to begin anew and clear the Canvas of the chaos. Achromic chose to know a new other: the Darkness. The Darkness was void of color and would destroy the Colors and their chaos. This was the Second Refraction.

"Emblazoned with the might of Achromic, the Darkness claimed great swaths of the Canvas as its own. The Darkness separated Colors, severing their patterns and obscuring their brilliance. The Darkness spread beyond control and sought to blot out the Colors entirely. Achromic saw the work of the Darkness and despaired again.

"Achromic interceded and fought the Darkness. The Darkness clung to the Canvas that was Achromic and thrashed wildly, poisoning Achromic. Seeing the impending Darkness, Achromic chose to empower the remaining Colors: the Six. Achromic imparted upon each of the Six an aspect of Achromic’s being.

"The Six shone with power and slowly pushed back the Darkness, but the Six remained leery of each other, not trusting what the others may do. These scattered conquests against the Darkness became the stars, each a spot on the Canvas claimed by only one of the Six.

"But the Darkness proved too mighty for just one. The Six began to work together, cautious and clumsy at first. These conquests became the planets and the moons, where the Six learned to shine together.

"As the Six rebuked the Darkness and matured in brilliance, they learned to blend their Colors. These conquests became the pictures of life, where harmony and beauty shone again. The Six filled the Canvas that was Achromic with pictures, reflecting the will of Achromic from within them.

"But the Darkness is cunning. It surrounds the pictures, keeping the work of the Six separated and seeking to claim the Canvas once again. And so, we Aurorans spread across the Canvas that is Achromic, embattling the Darkness and striving to bring forth the beauty of the Six and the will of Achromic."