Dev Diary: Hex Kit

Hey everyone.

This has been an exciting couple of weeks. We spend a lot of time thinking, writing and planning, and now we're starting to see actual manifestations of our work.

The big news to share is that the maps we'll be including with all Iris: Adventure Game adventures are getting a much needed upgrade. Any time we publish an adventure, we want to make it as easy as possible to pick up and play. To help with that, we want to include map tiles that you can print off at home, but our map-designing skills are limited. If you've played THE CRASH OF PACKET CRUISER K748N, then you've pretty well seen the extent of our map-making abilities.

That's why we're excited to announce a partnership with Hex Kit! Hex Kit is a map-building application, designed by Cecil Howe, Ross Squires and Pierre Laferriere, that allows you to easily create beautiful, hex-based maps using hand-illustrated artwork. We've been using Hex Kit for our private games since its release on April 28, 2017. And now, we can include our Hex Kit maps for our official Iris: Adventure Game adventures.

The first place you'll see a Hex Kit map is on our free adventure: THE CRASH OF PACKET CRUISER K748N. That's right, you can get a free, beautifully illustrated map, designed using the Hex Kit application, and all you have to do is sign up for our email newsletter.

If you're already signed up, simply check the download link included in your welcome email when you signed up. Don't have that email still? Don't worry; we'll send out an email later today with an update and the link.

Want to make your own Hex Kit maps? It's easy and fun. Head over to the Hex Kit page on to purchase a copy, along with the tile sets. Once you start making maps, we'd love to hear what tips and tricks you learn.

What's next for Iris: Adventure Game? Our big milestone continues to be designing the full rulebook. It's coming along nicely, and Weston is doing great work. We also have some t-shirts we've printed and will share those soon. Jared and I are working on the FALLING STAR adventure that our alpha testers will get to play.

We're certainly staying busy.

Thanks for stopping by, and we'll talk again next week.



Check out Cecil Howe and Hex Kit at the below links:

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