Dev Diary: Falling Star

Hello again!

Welcome back to the Iris: Adventure Game development diaries.

Hopefully, you've gathered a few friends together and gotten a chance to play THE CRASH OF PACKET CRUISER K748N. Just a few days ago, I had a chance to lead the adventure and greatly enjoyed it.


So what are we up to? Weston is taking our concept art and working on designs and layouts for the rulebook. Hunter is busy proofing the text for that rulebook and working on some production items, like ability cards, t-shirts and other pieces to prep for alpha testing.

And what am I up to? I'm working on the next adventure. It's called FALLING STAR, and it is one of the adventures we used during our pre-alpha testing. In it, your team will visit several planets, where you'll meet strange alien beasts and face unusual challenges. Unlike THE CRASH OF PACKET CRUISER K748N, you'll create characters and level up, gaining even more powerful abilities as your team progresses through the story. You'll be in complete control of your character's species, strengths, weaknesses, background and personality. The complete Iris: Adventure Game experience awaits you in FALLING STAR.

So what do you need to do to get it? You'll have to sign up for alpha testing, and if selected, we'll include a copy of the adventure when we send out testing bundles (expecting to start that in just a few months).

But what am I doing specifically? First things first, I'm reworking Act 1 of FALLING STAR. Act 1 was previously set up to get our players quickly into the action, because that's where the testing was needed. We wanted to see how abilities interacted and that players could understand what they were capable of. I still want to know those things, but you'll need more. You'll be playing this adventure without one of us at the table. So when you have a question, your Gamemaster needs to be able to give you an answer as part of the story. You need to know everything your character would know. That's my goal for this week. And once that's done, on to Act 2.