What do I need to start playing?

Alright, so you've signed up for testing and downloaded the free Beginner's Play Pack. You've gotten confirmation from a group of friends to join you for an evening of adventure. You've read the rules and the adventure notes, and you are ready.

But what supplies do you need? Let's provide some direction and some links to help you (also, we're in no way affiliated or sponsored by any of the vendors we reference).

1. Pound of Dice or Digital Dice Roller

  • You don't need a pound of dice, but you'll quickly realize that more dice is always better. You definitely need 1 of each of these die types: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20. We recommend the pound of dice (or any similar product), because you get ~100 dice, with guaranteed full sets, at a hugely discounted price than if you bought individual sets.
  • Don't want to spend the money on a bunch of dice? No worries. Grab a digital dice roller, and manage all of your dice rolls on your phone or tablet. We prefer the tactile experience of rolling the dice, but we've also used the digital dice rollers for convenience at times.

2. Pawns

  • Colored pawns are the easiest tokens for tracking player characters on the map tiles and on the color hex wheel. Have each player pick a different colored pawn so that players can easily track where they are on the map with 1 pawn and which color they're focusing on by placing the other pawn on the hex color wheel (the color of the pawn doesn't denote the player character's color realm).

3. Colored Disks

  • If you're the game master, you'll fall in love with these disks. With 1 colored disk, you can mark both a non-player character's map placement and color focus. When that character shifts colors, just grab the appropriate colored disk and keep things moving along. Also, you can write on these disks with a dry-erase marker.

4. Dry-Erase Markers

  • Have 4 non-player characters all focusing on red and using red disks? No worries; with your dry-erase marker, write "C1" and "C2" (or whichever preferred annotation) directly on the colored disks to quickly and easily track which disk is which character. After combat or when the non-player character is defeated, simply wipe the marker off the disk.

What if you don't buy these supplies? Can you still play? Absolutely, you can use whatever supplies you already have available. We've found these to be easiest to use. Whatever works best for you and your play group, use that solution.