Dev Diary: Launch

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our first Iris: Adventure Game development diary.

Iris: Adventure Game has been a long time coming. In just a few days, our website will go live and somebody is going to read this. That's exciting. In future development diaries, we’ll focus more on one specific aspect of the game: either our current work or some fun history. But this last week of preparation has been all over the place, and it is hard to write and not reflect that. So I want to talk a bit about what we are doing for final preparations.

The biggest job this week is here in front of you. Hunter has done great work putting the website together and figuring out how to stay in contact with each of you. We are a little new at this, but we're learning quickly. Over the coming weeks and months, we'll expand our social presence and communication.

Weston is working hard on the concept art that will help bring life to our species. You can check out some of the first pieces tucked away all over this website (like here).

We’ve also been working hard to get the last changes in from our pre-alpha testing. Our pre-alpha testers have been a huge help. They have given us advice on several things that will now be even better for you.

The other big task in this last week has been to polish the Beginner’s Play Pack. That's where most of my effort has gone. We used the included adventure as part of our pre-alpha testing, and now we want each of you to play it. But I do have a confession to make: I'm not finished yet. I'm still missing a few things that you'll need to play. There's some dialogue that only exists in my mind. The characters you'll have to choose from are still only rough shells without names or roles in the party. And the worst part of all is that I don't have a title for the adventure. We've been calling it the "starter adventure" for weeks now. If I could just name the spaceship, then it would be "The Crash of <spaceship>", but I can't even decide on a spaceship name.

Don't you worry though. I'll get it done. By the time you read this first development diary, that dialogue will be typed, those characters will be ready to play and THE CRASH OF PACKET CRUISER K748N will be in your hands. I've found it. It's the perfect ship name. That's exactly the kind of ship name I've been looking for. Ships with names that mundane are never caught up in any adventures… until now.