Happy Holiday Hiatus!

Whew, the holidays are busy. Between the sickness, the family, day jobs and buying all those toys for myself... I mean, my kids, the days seem to go by in chunks at a time.

While we're in a great spot with editing and preparing the core book for public testing, we also know that we're going to lose a lot of available time over the next couple of months. Because of that, we'd like to set the expectation that we won't be publishing many blog posts, social posts or interactions until the beginning of 2018.

Our main goal over the next two months is to finish tidying up the rulebook and start sending out testing bundles. Our amazing editor has given us wonderful notes and recommendations, which means we have a lot of work to get the book and mechanics up to snuff. We also have some feedback from early alpha testers who have played the free adventure, and we're incorporating that feedback into our edits and considerations.

Hope everyone has a safe holiday season. Be an encouragement this holiday, and help show your friends, family and neighbors that they are loved and valuable.


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