Dressing the Part: Achroite

Welcome to an overly ambitious Iris: Adventure Game development diary.

In honor of Halloween this week, I am giving you the first installment in an annual series (that's right, you better check back in next year). To the best of my knowledge on Tuesday night, no one dressed up like one of our alien species. We'll let it slide this time.

But to get us all ready for Halloween 2018, I'd like to share some tips so that your communities will be filled with Achroite strolling the streets.

First, let's take a look at the pertinent information from the Achroite entry in the rulebook:

  • Average height: 3 feet

  • Prismatic crystalline skin

  • Pulsing glow emanating from within chest


Just look at these adorable aliens:

I chose to start with Achroite, because this costume is best suited for children, and isn't Halloween all about the children?

Now that we've gotten some inspiration, let's talk about what we can do to look the part.

Basic Costume

Achroite are made of crystals and always inhabit one of the six Source Colors. So our simplest costume is going to focus on a single color and getting the right shape. It's a simple fact: Achroite are boxy. While boxy costumes usually get a bad reputation, in this case, boxy is what we want.

Get several small boxes, paint them in the Source Color of your choice (remember bright colors are best), and combine them into a costume. Pay special attention to the hands and arms. Add some length to your arms if you can, and mittens will help fix the too-many-fingers issue.

If you are looking to add some variety, then the best place is with your hat. Achroite have various head shapes, so there really is no wrong way to make your Achroite's head, as long as it's misshapen.

Advanced Costume

The keen reader will notice that the basic costume we just made didn't meet the third descriptor: pulsing glow emanating from within chest. The basic costume gets size and shape right, but it lacks the quintessential glow.

I know there are some fantastic painters out there who could give that basic costume the impression of an internal glow, but in advanced costuming, we are looking for the real thing. You'll need to be much more careful with what materials you choose. Cardboard won't cut it anymore. You need something semitransparent. I don't advise anything completely transparent, as Achroite don't have little humans living inside them.

Next you'll need a light source, one bright enough to shine through your materials. That's how you'll get the true Achroite glow.

Expert Costume

If you got through the advanced costume and still feel like something is missing, you aren't wrong. If you've ever played as an Achroite, you know that their strength comes from color shifting. Achroite have a nervous energy that causes them to color shift almost like how we might fidget or pace around a room.

Glowing is not enough; you need to shift.

You may have some ideas, but it seems to me like this is going to require some technology. Get out your Raspberry Pi, and program a random color shifter -- or even better, a way for you to shift colors at will.

That should do it. Now you are all set to get started on your Halloween 2018 costume.



Jared Collins