Dev Diary #7 | Unleashing Leash

We are back at it again. Today's development diary is going to be all about a Seti ability and how it's changing. If you've played THE CRASH OF PACKET CRUISER K748N as the game master (controlling some Seti pirates), than you've no doubt used the Leash ability. Let me refresh your memory:

Seti Major Action - Must be in yellow to activate
Target 1 character within range, and that character may not move outside your range as long as you remain in yellow.

If you've been on the receiving end of Leash, your priority is to kill that camouflaged Seti as quickly as you can. If you ignored him, you may have found the entire team leashed together and ripe for the Captain's grenades.

But Leash has some problems. Before we go into those, let's look at some other abilities from other species and items that you can use to control the location of your enemies.

Taes Major Action
Target 1 character within range. Move the character to be adjacent to you. Snatch does not affect any normal movement and does trigger traps and tile-based effects.
Grappling Hook
Achroite Major Action
Grab 1 character within your range, and pull that character to be adjacent to you.
NPC Major Action
Grab 1 character within range, and drag that character with you while you move. You may throw that character into any tile adjacent to you.
Item Major Action
Deal 1d6 damage to 1 character in range. Drag that character to be adjacent to you.

You'll notice that Leash is different from these other abilities in a few ways.

First, Leash requires more attention than the other abilities. Leash produces an ongoing negative effect that requires players to know information that isn't readily available. If you find yourself leashed, you'll either try to move and be told you can't, or you'll ask what the leasher's range is and then determine what that means for your movement. But enemy stats and locations (especially in the case of a camouflaged Seti) aren't meant to be public knowledge.

Second, Leash becomes rather useless if either of the characters have large ranges. Did you consider the strategy of increasing your leasher's range so that you can move farther? It works but definitely feels wrong.

Third, Leash fails to explain what to do in several situations. What should happen if the leasher's range is lowered? Do leashed characters have to move closer, or are they released? What if the leasher wants to move away from you? Do you have to move with him? What happens if a player tries to Snatch a leashed player?

And there is one more concern: yellow-geared Seti are supposed to be better at this skill type than the other species are, but Leash is weaker than its comparable abilities.

So I present to you our updated Leash ability:

Seti Major Action - Must be in yellow to activate
Pull any number of characters who are within your range any number of tiles closer to you. For each 1 character you move 1 tile, expend 1 of your unused move for your current turn. You may not exceed your unused move, and any expended move is no longer usable on your current turn.

It's a beauty. By allowing yellow-geared Seti, who are masters of movement and debilitation, to sacrifice their own move in order to disrupt the positioning of multiple characters, the Leash ability now sits proud as the champion of re-positioning.

I'll leave you to figure out how best to use it (the applications are numerable and wonderful).

Changes like this don't happen without your input. Had it not been for players interacting with the old Leash ability, we wouldn't have noticed the issues it had. If you haven't yet signed up for alpha testing, don't miss out -- we need you.