Rewriting History | Part 3

Hunter: A Taes Imperial squadron slows from faster-than-light travel and cautiously approaches the hijacked frigate. Aboard the frigate are Seti separatists who have slaughtered the Taes crew and declared publicly a revolt against the Empire.

The Imperial captain makes the call: destroy the frigate, and send a salvage team to the planet’s surface to review the wreckage.

Jared: But the Imperial salvage team isn’t the first on the scene of the crash. Another investigation is underway by a species far more interested in this visit from the stars.


Hunter: We are back with part 3 of our Rewriting History series, where we’re discussing the lore and history of our playable species. Go catch up on the other parts by clicking here (part 1) and here (part 2).

Jared: Also click here if you want to know how the universe was created.

Hunter: We’re answering the big questions.

So this act of rebellion winds up being witnessed by three species: the Seti, a renegade group hijacks this Imperial frigate; the Taes, a response team from the Navy is sent to deal with the pirates; and the curious and wild Achroite, who up this point have been alone in the universe.

As this frigate crashes down into the planet, the local Achroite scurry to the wreckage to discern what has fallen out of the sky.

Jared: The Achroite are not a technological species; they have a simple agrarian society. So an event like this catches them all by surprise. It is a pretty shocking way to find out you aren’t alone in the universe.

The Taes are somewhat surprised as well and quickly send a report back to the Empire. The troops stay on the planet to secure the wreckage but are ordered to suspend contact with the new species. The Empire’s best linguists, scientists and diplomats are dispatched to the planet to assess the crystalline creatures.

Hunter: And there’s a weird blend of awe from both the Achroite and the Taes -- both species are curious and intrigued by the other. This isn’t a violent introduction, and actually, the Taes begin fairly quickly to immigrate the Achroite into Taes colonies. And the Achroite love it.

The Achroite are driven by curiosity and exploration, so to get a free ride off your planet and to go see other planets and systems is a pioneer’s dream come true. Online dating sites would kill for this kind of matchup between the Achroite and the Taes.

Jared: Taes families, already obsessed with status, now have this new sphere of competition. They try to lure as many Achroite as possible to live with them. This allows Achroite to spread across the Empire virtually overnight. The competition among Taes families even leads to Achroite involvement in every major industry as the Taes use Achroite connections to market their products.

Hunter: Right, Achroite go from being these status symbols to being fully integrated throughout Imperial society, which eventually leads to their official incorporation into the Empire.

And as the Empire continues to explore and expand, the Empire enters a golden era.

Jared: Since we’ve reached a moment of peace, our galactic history might warrant a recap. The Taes, Seti and Achroite are all members of the Empire, some more equal than others. The Unysyn, unknown to everyone except the Auroran Republic, have consolidated their home systems and are finally looking outward again. The Aurorans are all over the place, but no one yet realizes they are sentient. And our final species is still unaccounted for.

Hunter: They’re busy making money and exploiting each other.

But this golden era for the Empire lasts for about 1,600 years (according to the Imperial calendar) -- until the Empire’s expansion is interrupted.

Jared: If only the Auroran Republic had been more forthcoming, the next disaster might have been averted. You guessed it: the Empire finds the Unysyn.

Hunter: And the Empire makes a crippling assumption: they believe the Unysyn are some lingering machination of an ancient civilization and not a sentient species. So the Empire attempts to subjugate these machines, and the machines fight back.

Perhaps it’s stubbornness or pride, but the Empire doesn’t slow down to evaluate what exactly the Unysyn are. Instead of diplomacy, the Empire pushes hard into assaulting the Unysyn systems -- and the Unysyn match the Empire fleet-for-fleet with pinnacle technology.

Jared: When technology fails to turn the tide of battle, the combatants fall back on their particular strengths. Unysyn shift their entire industry toward war production, hoping to win by exhausting Imperial supplies and morale. The Empire heightens its military programs to train teams of Taes, Seti and Achroite, whose natural chromatic abilities augment each other.

Hunter: But the Empire still can’t break through Unysyn defenses and still won’t back down. For each victory by the Empire, the Unysyn simply increase production or shift (with unmatched coordination) forces to different battlefronts.

And this leads to a desperate act by the Empire.

Jared: An act that haunts the galaxy even today.

Hunter: Yes, things are about to get bad, worse and awful.

We’ll continue with those events next time, and again, we appreciate having you explore the lore of Iris: Adventure Game with us. Curious to learn more about the Achroite or Unysyn? Go check out their pages.