Rewriting History | Part 5

And as we continue our history, a great wave of peace and colonization permeates the galaxy.The Seti have gained independence from the Empire, and they spend no time waiting to expand. They dial up the Seti-ometers to 11 and conquer anything that either isn’t already settled or can’t defend itself against Seti invasion.

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Dev DiaryHMDev Diary
Dressing the Part | Achroite

In honor of Halloween this week, I am giving you the first installment in a six-part annual series (that's right, you better check back in for the next five years). To the best of my knowledge on Tuesday night, no one dressed up like one of our six alien species. We'll let it slide this time.

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Jared Collins
Dev Diary #8 | Species Selection

One of the things I get to do in my job (as a university professor) is advise students on what classes they should take. This has been a big week for that, and it got me thinking about another kind of advising I often do. When Hunter and I play Iris, players often ask the question, “Which species should I play?” This is a tricky question to answer.

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Rewriting History | Part 3

A Taes Imperial squadron slows from faster-than-light travel and cautiously approaches the hijacked frigate. Aboard the frigate are Seti separatists who have slaughtered the Taes crew and declared publicly a revolt against the Empire. The Imperial captain makes the call: destroy the frigate, and send a salvage team to the planet’s surface to review the wreckage.

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Rewriting History | Part 2

We are back for part 2 of our series on lore and history. Today’s post starts in a weird place: the Aurorans witness the... [REDACTED]....

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