Few historians and sociologists grasp how far-reaching the Auroran species is throughout the known galaxy. The Auroran Republic keeps a tight lock on many of their records, and only within the last 400 years did the Aurorans reveal themselves as sentient to the other species. Too much is still simply unknown about Auroran civilization. 

The Auroran Republic is a decentralized governing body for Aurorans. Auroran law is predicated on the rule of local governance. Issues are decided by a majority vote of all local and impacted Aurorans. Thus laws typically vary from system to system and even in some cases ship to ship. This pattern was established in the early stages of Auroran colonization, because it was impractical for a central government with slow communication to regulate events in far away systems.



Aurorans are socially reserved beings comprised of chromatic particles that can shift, condense and disperse to form the shape the Auroran desires. Their bodies seem to be a gelatinous composition of chromatic energy. Because of their fine molecular control, Aurorans have astounding mastery over their focus through color realms and exploit their color presence for powerful effect.

  • Average height: 2-6 feet

  • Fluctuating molecular chromatic “cloud”

  • Brilliant array of colors

  • Average life expectancy: 200 years

    • Only recently have the other species begun noticing the life expectancy of the Aurorans. It was assumed previously that Aurorans never died. The Auroran Republic, and the species at large, did little to refute this myth, and modern collectors cherish historical books from a few centuries before that extol the everlasting life span of the Aurorans. However, Aurorans do in fact age and die of natural cessation.



The Auroran language is mostly emotive, using colors and physical contortions to express ideas. As such, the language is generally easy to learn, while specific dialects may blend or adjust the particular meanings of various expressions. Because the language is more elementary, Aurorans throughout the galaxy can easily communicate with each other but may struggle to express thoughts in written language.



The Auroran have had little interaction with the Achroite; however, these species have found that their interspecial goals are closely aligned. In groups of all six species, the Auroran and Achroite are quick to make alliances. 

The Auroran generally work well in groups together. However, duels are a common practice as a means for resolving prolonged conflicts.

Aurorans view the Regund as a group with a troubling attitude toward the rest of the galaxy but a high potential. Relations between these two species have flourished recently.

The Seti have long been used as a vehicle for Auroran expansion. While the Aurorans view the Seti as wild and barbaric, they are appreciative of the boost to colonization that Seti technology gave them. 

While the Taes Empire has been closely monitored by the Aurorans since the First Empires War, these two civilizations tend to just ignore one another. Individual relationships vary.

Upon discovering that Aurorans were intelligent, a series of private talks were held between the Unysyn Directive and Auroran Republic. Since that time, relations between these species have been cordial but cold.



Auroran are simple, yet beautiful beings who swell and shine with Source Colors. A gelatinous, chromatic cloud, the Auroran are able to refract into multiple color realms simultaneously, allowing access to one or multiple abilities.

Auroran have access to their full spectrum of abilities but are restricted based on which color realms are occupied.