Iris: Adventure Game is a tabletop roleplaying game set in a sci-fi universe full of color and exploration. Ready to begin your adventure?


Every action has a consequence. Designed for engaging and strategic combat, Iris: Adventure Game does away with attack rolls and stat ceilings so that you fully control your character. Balance the tension of protecting yourself or aiding your team to overcome foes, puzzles and skilled negotiations.

Grab some friends, and play. Stop worrying about several hundred pages to read, managing countless rules and buying expensive figurines (well okay, confession: we love the mini figs, too). Iris: Adventure Game is written to be easily accessible, with one rulebook that provides lore, characters and guidelines while also encouraging ample freedom to tailor your adventure to your playing group.

See it all. A fully integrated color mechanic allows your characters to manipulate the Source Colors and produce powerful combos. Coordinate your team's efforts to empower each player's abilities beyond their own potential. Be rewarded for smart gameplay, and feel the struggle of triumphing against overwhelming odds.