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Iris: Adventure Game is a tabletop roleplaying game so easy to pick up and play that you can finally introduce your family and significant other to RPGs.

Grab some players, and begin your travels in a universe where color abounds. Exploit, shift and control the Source Colors to empower your team.

Ready to begin your adventures and see it all?


Spend less time wondering how to play RPGs and more time actually playing. We'll even get you started with a free one-shot adventure that includes premade characters, summary lore, map tiles and enough puzzles to convince your board game group that RPGs are actually as amazing as you've been saying they are.


Iris: Adventure Game has been crafted from the ground up to be easy to play and easy to enjoy. We love tabletop roleplaying games: sharing stories with friends, solving puzzles and overcoming challenges, and feeling that smirk sneak across your face when a plan succeeds (or fails) wonderfully.

But we don't love how intimidating the barriers to roleplaying games are.

So we set out to create a roleplaying game that is just as exciting and engaging as the classics, while also providing a more streamlined setup and play experience that feels more akin to out-of-the-box board games.

The result?

An original science-fiction roleplaying game with easy-to-follow, beautiful map tiles (thanks to the awesome Hex Kit), casual-friendly rules that young players and newcomers can pick up, and plenty of depth for veteran groups to enjoy a nice change of pace from their ongoing, two-year campaigns (seriously, Steven, we all need a few weeks off before taking down the next vampire lord).

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